Ohmni Robot

Ohmni Robot

provides a physical presence at schools, hospitals, workplaces, airports, etc. and monitors the whole area effortlessly. It lets you analyse and function any place efficiently and effectively Ohmni Robot consists of a software application and an equipment kit installed in it. You can remotely access any part of your location and check all the activities. With a built-in mic and a speaker that is all crystal clear, you can communicate with your personnel easily.

Key Aspects

Examine the whole environment even when you are not physically there.

Monitor the whole situation and record each and every work operation fluently.

Communicate with your staff and personnel and fix problems remotely


Ohmni Robot Clever, Efficient, and Responsive Monitoring.

Dual -High Definition Quality Camera: Go through the whole area effortlessly.

Field Mic And Speaker: Let your voice reach crystal clear with a bass.

Smooth Technology: East to function and motion on any surface.

Highly Active Senses: A broader field of view.

Powerful Battery: Keep it engaged for 5-6 hours.



Algorithm as directed through Computer Vision


Personalized Under-Glow

Choose your favourite color



Easy to handle and fold


Share Fast

Connect through Google and other social media accounts.


Quick Controls

Control it with your laptop, mobile, tablet


Motion Map

Effortless and emotive natural control


Frequent Updates

Elevates with frequent updates