Gocona Face

Gocona Face

Gocona Face is a facial recognition based attendance system. It is an intelligent face detection product. When clubbed with a door, it makes the workplace safer through its contact-free attendance systems as the door won’t be able to open by a person who is nowhere in the organization database. It provides a non-contact experience with high accuracy, reliability, and elevated efficiency. This kind of efficient attendance management approach is especially what the workplaces with a large workforce need. When a person approaches the system, it scans the face of the person facilitating a non-contact experience. During these difficult times of COVID-19, Gocona Face is an imperative measure to avoid the spread of it. It can be utilized for security and attendance purposes instead of biometrics to avoid physical contact with the system.


  • Safest and fastest method of security.
  • Non-contact approach.
  • Real-time identification and verification of personnel.
  • An efficient and up-to-date attendance system with accessibility via a mobile app.
  • No need to worry about carrying proximity cards or badge.
  • Elevated accuracy and reliability with an advanced attendance system.
  • Eliminates buddy punching. No person can punch in for his/her colleague.
  • It can capture multiple faces at the same time but processes them individually.
  • From frontal to any direction, it works well with facial movements.
  • It can be merged with the payroll software for improved payroll management.
  • Eliminates human errors with an efficient recognition system.
  • Supports all the aspects of attendance, overtime, and absent.
  • Run in and out within seconds, it saves time.
  • Prevents the spreading of viruses from one person to another.
  • Builds powerful workforce statistics.

Use Cases



Track attendance of students, manage bell schedules and much more



Manage flexible shifts, job costing, and monitor access time and attendance statistics in real-time.


Remote Manpower

Monitor workers and employees on the go or in various remote locations with the mobile app.



Gocona Face helps you in the reduction of time and costs on administrative tasks, ensuing in employing your resources on patients.



Manage employee attendance with interchangeable shifts within seconds.



10 User
  • Rs0
    Per User/ Month


10+ User
  • Rs100
    Per User/ Month

Premium (Annual)

10+ User
  • Rs1000
    Per User/ Year

Gocona Face (Premium and Setup Assistance)

  • Setup assistance is not included in our Premium plan. Additional charges will be applied for this feature based on the number of new users.
  • You can choose to add new users as per your preference and you will be billed as per your modified plan.
  • If your plan includes support services, you will be charged additionally if you choose to add new users.