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Gocona Face Pro is a thermal imaging technology product that integrates contactless facial recognition and attendance management with temperature measurement. It performs high-speed temperature measurements in real-time. Gocona Face Pro is a state-of-the-art pandemic prevention solution that screens the temperature with pre-monitoring warnings. The product has a built-in warning system that turns on an on-site alarm in case of a body-temperature abnormality. It can efficiently perform remote monitoring with the transmission of temperature measurement outputs. When the device detects an abnormal temperature rate, it signals an alarm notifying the officials. During these phenomenal times of COVID-19, it is hugely important for various industries to incorporate a contactless attendance approach.


  • Highly imperative to prevent COVID-19.
  • Non-contact and fully automated.
  • Highly secured and safer approach at the workplace.
  • From frontal to any direction, it works well with facial movements.
  • Supports all the aspects of attendance, overtime, and absent.
  • Prevents the spreading of viruses from one person to another.
  • Detects body temperature fluently.
  • Reads the body temperature in seconds.
  • It can set up desired temperature thresholds.
  • Verbal warning with the signal light system.
  • No need to worry about carrying proximity cards or badge.
  • Empowers workforce data.
  • Real-time ID check.
  • Elevated advanced attendance system with thermal imaging.
  • No buddy punching.
  • Reduces human errors.
  • It can be clubbed with payroll software.
  • Run in and out within seconds, it saves time.
  • Efficient, safe, and secure attendance system with the body temperature reading.
  • Captures multiple faces at the same time and measures their temperature individually, within seconds.

Use Cases



Gocona Face Pro accurately detects the body temperatures of nurses, doctors, and other workers in order to prevent the spread of the virus through a non-contact approach.



Gocona Face Pro provides a safer and secure school environment by reading the body temperature of students, tracking attendance, and managing the bell schedules in real-time.



Gocona Face Pro manages employee attendance during interchangeable shifts smoothly with enhanced security, making the environment safe and productive.



Gocona Face Pro is the most efficient testing specialist that reads the body temperature of workers within seconds, manages flexible shifts, and attendance statistics in real-time.


Remote Manpower

Gocona Face Pro facilitates remote manpower monitoring through its app and transfers the body temperature results within seconds.


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